Ferrari F430 exhaust headers repair welding

Exhaust headers on the Ferrari F430 models are made of steel tubes. The catalytic converter is an integrated component and makes this part very precious. This particular header was brought into our workshop showing various cracks and holes, some as big as a fingernail. We figured that the collector was mounted under tension or somehow picked up tension during it's 80'000 km of use. So before welding we clamped it to a straightening plate. We then started weld all cracks. Where the holes were larger, we produced sheets of metal and welded them over the holes. Using the right alloy (one that can compensate some tension) also helped to repair this precious Ferrari part.


We later learned that most collectors of this particular Type of Ferrari tend to crack. Most of them at aboout 80 tkm but we also had one that cracked already at 36 tkm