High precision component manufacturing

Besides laser welding and induction brazing being our core competences we are specialized in manufacturing ready to use components for our international clients. We are working with selected subsuppliers that are specialized in high precision mechanics to provide components with the best cost benefit ratio for our customers. Please contact us for a free offer for your specific components 

Component manufacturing |Examples

Stainless steel injection device

  1. High precision core tube with cap. The sleeve is turned and bored, the cap turned and the laser welded onto the tube. The unit is airtight.
  2. Outer sleeve is turned, bored, milled and thread cutted.
  3. Finished injection device. The core tube and the outer sleeve is being laser welded on the top and at the end of the threaded part.

Guiding device zinc plated

Turned and tapped ring made from free cutting steel. Stud cut to lenght and champfered.


The two parts are placed in a rig for induction brazing.


After brazing, the piece will be zinc plated and put in stock for our customer to be called from his blanket order.


Due to non-disclosure agreements with our customers we are only allowed to show selected parts we manufacture.