Induction brazing | Contract manufacturing

The Switzerland based CONSTRUTEC AG is specialized in contract manufacturing of high precision components for the machine and apparatus industry.

From individual parts to complete assemblies, Construtec AG fabricates for businesses in industries such as: medical, food processing, wire bonding, electronics, equipment manufacturers and many others.


Besides laser welding one of our core competences lays in induction brazing. Brazing components by induction is a very accurate process and is key for mass production. Controlling the process temperature by a pyrometer guarantees a steady temperature troughout the brazing process.


Because in brazing the joined materials are not being molten, different metals can be joined using alloys that guarantee superiour strength. Various material pair such as:

  • Aluminium / Steel
  • Steel / Brass
  • Tungsten carbide / Steel

Examples of our work |Brazing and soldering

Electrodes made from copper, steel and brass

In certain cases, multiple techniques are chosen to fabricate a component. This electrode combines copper wires, "ball bearing grade" steel and a brass tube. In a first step the copper wires are being welded to the steel tip, then the wires are bent in a tool.

After the bending process, every wire fits into a drilled hole in the brass tube. Tin solder and flux is applied and then the parts are being heated by induction.


Also in this case, induction is chosen for the heating process.

On a different version of this type of electrode, instead of copper wires, a bracket made of a special steel is soldered onto the brass tube.

Induction brazing of a steel tube and cylinder

Cylinder: Free-cutting steel ø 40 mm, s = 10 mm
Bent pipe: Steel ø 18 mm, s = 1.5 mm

The induction coil specially manufactured for this application allows both components to be heated evenly and simultaneously. Using a pyrometer, the optimum processing temperature can be precisely set and maintained. This is a decisive advantage for series production. We document all parameters of each soldering process. This enables us to carry out recurring orders with consistent quality.  

One of the key advantages of induction brazing is the partial and very qick heating of the workpieces.

Stainless steel cylinder and copper piston brazing by induction

Piston: CuSn12 (copper) ø 32 mm Solid material
Cylinder 1.4301 (stainless steel) ø 32 mm bored

Simultaneous heating of both parts is important for a high quality brazing joint.

Due to its good electrical conductivity, the copper alloy cylinder requires a longer heating time than the stainless steel cylinder. The cylinder with a wall thickness of only 3 mm and the poorer conductivity of the material reaches it's processing temperature much qicker. With an adaped coil design and the position of the coil, the different heating characteristics can be compensated.


Due to non-disclosure agreements with our customers we are only allowed to show selected parts we manufacture.