Laser welding

Laser welding is one of CONSTRUTEC's key expertise. Either manual laser welding, cladding, repair welding or CNC-laser welding, at CONSTRUTEC AG your components are in good hands and our complete focus on your welding needs


 One of the key advantages of laser welding is having full control and limiting the area affected by heat. This enables to produce components and pieces of the highest quality and free of distortions. Through laser beam a concentrated and precise melt is achieved. Furthermore this highly precise technology allows materials to be joined that usually are not weldable.


Laser welding can be applied with or without adding alloy to the joint. Aluminum usually requires the use of alloy while most stainless steels can be joined without. Depending on the materials to be joined and welded, certain technique and alloy may be required.

  • aluminium
  • cast aluminium
  • cast iron
  • cast steel
  • stainless steel
  • construction and tool steel
  • copper
  • titanium

CONSTRUTEC has achieved more than two decades of experience in high quality Laser welding technology and therefore we are your best partner and source for the most complex welding requirements. With a line-up of highly efficient and different types of laser welding stations and machines, which allows us to select and utilize the precise technology to successfully accomplish any welding needs, our customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our laser welding equipment

Laser welding | Examples

Manufacturing of platinum tips

Turning, milling and bending of a 2.5 mm stainless steel tube. Punching of the mounting piece and cutting the platinum tip.


The pieces are then joined by laser welding to one component. The finished tips are then packed in the customer's branded packaging and then shipped.

CONSTRUTEC AG is your one-stop source for high precision machining and production of mechanical components and pieces.

We are in a unique position, with strong regional partnerships, to manufacture and fully customized production of components and products utilizing outsourced high quality materials and parts.


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