CNC-Laser welding

On a CNC laser welding machine, the components to be joined are usually held in a workpiece holder whereas the laser head is moved around the workpieces. The laser welding process itself remains the same.


CNC laser welding is especially suitable for serial and mass production. The continuous accuracy of the process guarantees the highest quality part standards.

CNC laser welding | Examples

Laser welding of stainless and magnetic steel components

Joining of three turned parts to one component by CNC laser welding. We also manufacture the individual parts. Our customer receives the complete unit delivered, packed in re-usable packaging.


But why isn't this component made in one piece?

The mid section is magnetic. The two others aren't

Stainless steel flow diverter

Hollow body made of stainless steel including "some secret internal parts".

The challenge on this part is the very thin wall of the body. The lid is CNC laser welded after the assebly of the internal parts. The goldish colored disc is heat shrinked.


Due to non-disclosure agreements with our customers we are only allowed to show selected parts we manufacture.