Manual laser welding

Manual laser welding is a technique where the parts are being held by hand under the laser beam. The parts to be welded can also be positioned on the tool table or in a chuck. With a joystick the tool table is positioned by the operator with the laser beam remaining in a fixed position above the parts. This technique requires very steady hands. Our operators have years of superior experience in this field.


In our laser welding workshop in Cham, Switzerland, you will find a variety of laser machines for manual as well as CNC laser job requirements. We manufacture components for a variety of industries such as;

  • electrodes for medical applications
  • components for the lighting industry
  • tools for thermal cutting applications
  • components for semiconductors
  • parts for the automation industry

We look forward to partnering with you in finding the ideal laser welding technique and providing solutions for your needs and projects.

The parts to be joined are held manually under the laser beam. The welding alloy is fed manually by the operator.

Components are fixed in a chuck or placed on the tool table. The stepper motors that move the tool table are controlled by a joystick. The welding filler is fed either manually or by an adjustable wire feeder.

Manual laser welding examples

Resistance wire and wire holder joined by manual laser welding

  • Holders milled, turned and thread rolled in our workshop on a machining center.
  • Resistance wire bent and and prepaired for the welding process.
  • Manually laser welded by adding welding filler by hand.

Guide bushing welded in a holder of spring steel

The guide bushing is made of hard chromium treated high-alloy steel, the holder laser cut and bent spring steel.


Due to the limited area impacted by heat during the laser welding process, the conditions and criteria of the hard chromium surface remain fully intact.


Due to non-disclosure agreements with our customers we are only allowed to show selected parts we manufacture.