Laser welding of motor parts

We repair by laser welding:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Engine blocks
  • Broken sleeves, levers, steering wheels
  • Application welding of camshafts and rocker arms
  • Application welding of gearings and shafts
  • Repairing of gear wheels

Examples of laser welded engine components

Welding cylinder heads of a Ferrari Dino

This cylinder head of a Ferrari Dino 2.4 showed a severe damage. It became apparent, that during an earlier tuning attempt the intake ports were enlarged.


Cracks between the intake ports and the camshaft housing had developed. Through these holes engine oil penetrated the combustion chambers, which led to several damaging effects, such as the engine burning oil and as a result producing blue smoke.

We replenished the missing material by laser welding and closed the holes. Aluminium was applied in several steps both from the camshaft housing and from the intake ports.

After the laser welding process, the intake ports were grinded and reshaped close to it's original form. The aluminum alloy proved to be rather good to weld, which is not always the case with vintage cars. Ferrari obviously paid attention to the quality of their casts back in those days.
With this procedure we were able to save these precious cylinder heads.

KTM engine case welding

Nothing beats displacement! In this case our customer went a little bit over the limit. The engine case was bored to the extent, with hardly any material left.

The weak spots at the cooling channels were reinforced by laser welding. At one spot a crack was welded using an aluminum sheet as a cover.

Maico engine casing repair

This engine case of an antique Maico was badly damaged by the chain braking at full speed

This caused a part of the housing to crack, break off and completely go missing.

The fracture was first milled clean in our workshop and given a geometric shape. We replaced the missing piece by fabricating the original shape through an aluminum sheet, which then we welded by laser into the housing.

Rudge racing engine laser welded and reinforced

This Rudge racing engine is used at races. In the last race the entire cylinder flange was torn from the housing.

Traces pointed to this case that it had been already repaired once before. If  it was recently welded, it would most likely crack again.

According to our research, Rudge racing engines were available in versions with reinforcing ribs. For this reason we milled and applied aluminium ribs from high-strength aluminium and welded them to the case by using our laser welding equipment.

For the reinforcement of the case only the upper bars were relevant. In order to come as close as possible to the original, however, we produced one rib for each hole for the mounting screws.

We wish our customer many victories with this reinforced motor!


We apply the highest precision to functional attitude.